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Are We Overpaying For Medications??

Are We Overpaying For Medications??

Here in the UK we are fortunate to have our NHS, as not all countries have this form of health care.

There are other countries that have socialised medicine and health trusts to treat and care for the injured, sick and ill, but there are also many countries where you have no health care unless you buy it yourself.

If you need to be treated for an injury or illness, and don’t have health insurance, you will have to pay the full expense of the treatment and health care.

And healthcare is not cheap!

Just going to the A&E in some countries can begin to cost in the hundreds, if not the thousands depending on the treatment required.

We also benefit from the preventive care services the NHS offers to us.

Guides on dieting, alcohol usage, exercise, and many other health related services are offered for free by the NHS.

We also benefit from our NHS when it comes to medications and prescriptions.

Currently if you pay for your prescriptions they cost £9 per item, although in some instances you can get a couple or more of the medication as one (1) prescription and that is a better value.

However, in doing a little research it was found that some people may be overpaying for their medications, as some high street shops offer the same medicines at a cheaper cost than £9.00.

If a doctor prescribes a steroid cream for an ailment, by getting the prescription filled it will cost you £9, per prescription.

However, you can go to a high street store or shop, or a local chemist, and buy a tube of HC45, for less than £4.00.

Again, if you are receiving more than one tube of the cream in your prescription, it can make paying £9.00 a better value, but not on a tube-for-tube basis.

And there are more medications that can be cheaper if you buy them at a local store or chemist, rather than going to your GP and getting a prescription.

Some pain medicines are cheaper, glucosamine tablets for arthritis, aqueous cream for eczema, some antibacterial mouthwashes, all cost less than £9 if bought off high street shops.

Some pain killers such as paracetamol can even be bought at pound shops for a pound!

The Chief Executive of the Patients Association of the NHS, Katherine Murphy said, “Patients have responsibilities to not waste the NHS’s scarce resources and should endeavour to pay for everyday items such as cold remedies out of their own pocket.”

We just need to be aware that there are many everyday prescribed medicines that we can purchase much cheaper in local shops. Before you just rush off and have that prescription filled at your chemist, ask your doctor and research yourself if there are alternatives that are cheaper.

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