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Christmas Gift Returns

Takeback Thursday”

The New Year and new Decade are here, and with all the running about and gift getting leading up to Christmas, now it is time to get back to life as it was, and also return any unwanted gifts.

Last Thursday, January 2nd, was called “Takeback Thursday” as each year around that time the Royal Mail is hit with a huge surge of returns. This year they expected the returns to be 72% higher than the average deliveries for this past December.

Not every gift that is purchased stays a keeper, many get returned for a variety of reasons. It may be a gift doesn’t fit, is not wanted, or is not needed.

The royal Mail stated, “With the festive season now over, January is the busiest time of the year for returns.”

Having a high percentage of returned items is part of the process of online sales.

As we shop more and more online, making use of the ease and flexibility of online shopping, there are bound to be returns.

So online retailers allow for a 30% to 50% return rate.

Especially with clothing. Sizing and sizes run different for different types of clothes, and we are not a one size fits all world.

Many online retailers make returning an item easy, they may include a return addressed sticker or bag to post the item back.

For many shoppers, it is the return policy that can impact if they continue to buy from that online seller.

So as we make purchases more and more online, there will always be returns, insuring the Royal Mail always has business.

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