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Do I Need an International Driving Permit to Drive in The EU?

With the date of the UK leaving the EU, or Brexit looming, 11pm March 29, 2019, there is much concern over how this big move is going to affect us.

Even the “leavers” have expressed concerns.

There are fears food prices may go up, banks and business setting up new headquarters in the EU, and also will the airlines be able to fly to the EU, taking us to our favourite holiday spots.

But of course the world continues to revolve, and life goes on.

And many of us have already planned and booked our holidays abroad for a time well past the Brexit deadline.

Which for some begs the question, will the Brexit change how I can drive in the EU, can I use just my UK drivers licence as I do now to drive in the EU when away on holiday?

Driving in the EU Prior to March 29th

Currently UK drivers with UK drivers licence can drive in the EU and EEA using just their UK drivers licence.

Outside of these countries, you may be required to have an IDP or International Driving Permit.

Driving in The EU After March 29th

After the Brexit deadline of March 29th, if a deal on exiting has been struck and agreed upon, UK drivers may still be able to use their UK drivers licence to drive in the EU and EEA countries. However, if no deal is put into place, and no provisions set out and agreed on, then UK drivers may be required by some countries to have an International Driving Permit.

And depending on the country you travelling to, and possibly driving through, you may need more than one IDP.

The Various Types of IDP/International Driving Permits

There are three (3) different IDP’s and each covers you driving in certain countries.

The three IDP’s are:

1926: For drivers driving in Liechtenstein

1949: For driving in Spain, Iceland, Malta, and Cyprus

1968: For driving in all other EU countries an also Norway and Switzerland

It is yet unknown if you will be required to have these permits or not, it will depend on the Brexit deal and what is outlined in the deal.

IDP’s cost £5.50, and can be purchased at many of the Post Offices across the country.

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