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Finding The Perfect Part-Time Job

We talk/write a lot about how to save money, and how to reduce our bills and expenses, however, for some people, and in some instances, there is not much more to be done to reduce the bills or to save money.

So if you cannot reduce your expenses any further, the next logical step is to increase your earnings. Increase the income/wages/money you are bringing in each month.

When you reduce your expenses, and/or increase your income, there are questions then to ask yourself; such as what to do with the extra money?

Save it, pay down debts, spend it??

At that point, when you have that magical surplus of income, the choice is yours.

However, as stated, for some reducing their expenses is not going to happen, so at that point the opposite becomes a reality, increasing your income.

And there are many ways to do this.

One is to get a new higher paying job. Not as easy as it sounds on paper, as for some professions, the salary and wages paid are somewhat universal. Not a lot of room to increase what you earn, unless you have vast amounts of experience, or stumble onto some career windfall.

There also is the option of asking your employer for a pay rise, an increase in what you earn.

Again, there are jobs and companies that this is not an option, however, there are jobs/careers and professions where you can ask for an increase in what you are paid.

You need to do your research first to know the going rates of pay for your profession, and also enter into the discussions and negotiations with the right mindset. Meaning you may not get an increase.

Then there always is the option of finding a part-time job, working a few shifts a week and earning some extra cash each month.

Where to Find the Perfect Part-Time Job

Jobs are easy to find, just look online, the papers, signs hanging in shops, and asking around, however, finding the right job can be a challenge.

First there are a few questions you need to ask yourself:

* What hours am I available to work?

* How many shifts a week can I commit to?

* Will the extra work interfere with my current job?

* Will the time away working affect my home life/family?

Once you know how much of yourself and your time you can commit to a second, part-time job, then the search is on.

Immediately there are a few industries that seem to be always hiring and allow for part-time shifts and hours; supermarkets, retail, and hospitality.

Food stores, clothing stores, and restaurants.

These allow for the most flexibility due to their hours of operation, and shift patterns.

However, you can and may also look further outside the scope of these.

A friend of mine a few years back was looking for part-time work, and flexibility was key due to their main job.

Oddly enough one day at a funeral the funeral Director asked them if they would be interested in some part-time work, picking up recently departed clients, handling arrangements, and in general all things funeral related.

Next thing, quicker than you can say Jay Brown on EastEnders, my friend is practically running the funeral parlour, and is earning a nice second income.

So in seeking out and finding that perfect part-time job, you need to be open minded and flexible.

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