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Forget Millions and Billions, Now There Are Trillion Dollar Companies

Forget Millions and Billions, Now There Are Trillion Dollar Companies

In economic times, and terms, these are interesting times. We see posed on the precipice of a a new industrial revolution, which many feel we are already in a 4IR, or Fourth Industrial Revolution.

These revolutions have a huge impact on our economy, and on us as consumers, which also impacts the economy.

And not all industries and companies can weather these changes, just look at the photography industry.

Years ago there were no mobile phones, let alone mobile phones with 12mp cameras.

So who buys a camera any more? Why buy even a digital camera, there is a perfectly good one on your mobile phone, which is at hand 24/7.

And with this new digital technology being used in cameras, slowly the film, and photography industry had to either change or die. Unfortunately, some in the industry died.

We can look at camera and film giant Kodak as an example of this.

Technology has changed the way in which we shop, through two (2) means:

* The Internet

* Our mobile phones (seeing a pattern here yet)

As consumers we are shopping more and more on the internet, and with our handy, dandy mobile phones nearby, we can shop from anywhere at anytime.

This is in part, one reason why the High Streets are struggling as they are. More and more shops are closing, and even large stores, such as Debenhams, and others are struggling.

It does make one wonder what may be next? Even some restaurant chains are closing and struggling to get by.

Part of the food industry, restaurants in particular, are experiencing a struggle is due to how we can now easily make and cancel, or not show up for a booking/reservation.

Many restaurants allow you to make a booking online, or via email; some even use a reservation service.

It is easier as a patron to make a booking, and also easy to cancel, where as in the olden days you had to phone up and speak to someone.

This ease of use has also lead to many “no-shows” at restaurants, in fact the numbers for no-shows at some restaurants are so high the establishment losses money as they have purchased food for 100 diners, only to have 20 show up.

Another way technology and us as consumers, can effect a change on the economy.

Another thing we are seeing is the absorption or mergers or buy-outs of smaller firms by larger ones. Thus creating super companies, some that come to mind are Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, and the list can go on.

The Trillion Dollar Mark

If you remember the old TV series, “The Six Million Dollar Man” from the early 70’s, that seemed like a lot of money back then, $6,000,000.

And it was a lot of money.

In today’s dollars one (1) million would be $6,551,597.94.

So $6 million then, would today be over $39 million!

To have a company in today’s dollars be valued at not a billion, but a trillion dollars or roughly £774 billion, is amazing!

Believe it or not three (3) companies have reached the trillion dollar mark:

* Apple

* Amazon

* And now Microsoft

Just the other day their share’s valuation just broke the trillion dollar mark, then slide back down as shares and stock prices do.

It is an amazing feat to achieve, but one that will be more amazing to see is when a company breeches the trillion dollar mark and stays there.

And it will happen.

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