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Getting The Best Premiums on Your Car Insurance

We all like to save money and bag a bargain, and if you drive in the UK you know, it is not cheap to own a car.

It is not just the cost of the car itself and the petrol and maintenance and repairs, but the insurance.

In the UK if you want to drive your car on the motorways and roads, you are by law required to have car insurance. And car insurance is not cheap.

For many drivers, their car insurance is a part of their monthly budget up there with council tax and gas and electricity. Car insurance can be £50 a month to £150 a month, which is a large expense out of your budget each month.

So when we need car insurance, or need to renew our car insurance, what do we do, we shop around!


Let’s fast forward for a moment to why we even have car insurance, beside the fact it is a legal requirement to drive in the UK; claims, if we have an accident and some places a claim you need insurance to cover that claim.

It is almost like the word “claim” is a four letter word, five letters, but it still is something no one says or wants to hear.

Claims can raise your premiums, claims are bad, I have no claims on my car insurance, when taking out a new insurance policy one of the big questions is… you have any claims?

The bottom line is claims are the bottom line!

Why we need insurance is if we have an accident and someone, either us or another person, file a claim.

So when shopping around and seeking out a new insurance policy, if you have claims, or even a claim, it can be an issue in trying to get a lower or cheaper premium on your car insurance.

Claim digression over, moving on to getting the best premiums on your car insurance:)

Comparison Web Sites

Living in the digital age that we do, we are fortunate enough to have the Internet, and immediate access to the Internet via our mobile phones.

Anywhere we go we have our mobiles, and with them, we can access the world….and comparison web sites.

One of those comparison web sites is, or I should say a few of those comparison web sites, is in surfing the waves of car insurance.

You can go to one web site, and bada boom, bada bing, get quotes from a few insurers and then make an informed decision as to what is the best insurance policy for you and your car.

Or can you???

There is an old saying, something is only as good as what goes into it.

That is true of ingredients for food and recipes, as well as many other things.

Not all insurers are on comparison web sites, you need to go directly to them to get a quote. So while comparison web sites are a great tool, maybe they are not the be all and end all.

Next, we have the criteria, the questions that are asked of you and your driving habits when you are seeking a quote on car insurance.

How you answer the questions asked of you, and the specific answers you give, can have a huge impact on the insurance quote you receive, which directly determines who you choose to be your insurer.

Something as simple as your job title, can impact what your car insurance can cost you.

Naturally this can be a tricky area.

We need to be honest, and one place many people get into trouble, maybe not now, but if they need to place a claim is not using the correct address for their car insurance.

So while price comparison web sites can help us, we need to be aware they may not be the final place to get the best deal.

Save Money on Car Insurance

There are ways to save money on car insurance, but sometimes, what the cost is going to be, is what it is going to be. Better to be truthful, then suffer in the end if we need to place a claim.

* Increasing your excess can save you money, but you need to be aware you are responsible for this amount if you need to place a claim.

* Give an accurate annual mileage estimate. If you only drive a few thousand miles a year, then use this figure, you can save money if you drive less miles, but be as accurate as possible.

* Use the correct address where the car is parked at night. If you have off street parking or a garage, list this, and it can save you money.

* Theft deterrents, if you have an alarm on your car, or any theft deterrents, let your insurer know.

* Who drives your car. List all drivers, including the most experienced ones.

* Shop around, but don’t just rely on comparison web sites to do all the work for you.

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