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Going to a Music Festival this Summer?

Do I Need Festival Insurance?

Tis the season, the music festival season, when we pack our wellies and high spirits, and trod off the various music festivals that will dot the country; and other countries as well.

It may be the big ones like Glastonbury, or British Summer in the Park (Hyde Park), or one of the many other festivals:

* Isle of Weight

* Boomtown

* Creamfields

* Fusion Festival

* Download Festival

* Green Man Festival

The list does go on even more.

And with these festivals come festivities, drinking, eating, rolling on the elements, more drinking, losing things, and in the end wandering home happy and tired.

It is the losing of things that can make a festival a worry.

You go to all the work of preparing for the festival, the right tent, bags, maybe clothes, you may take a laptop, you will have your mobile phone, maybe a camera, all this stuff you need to keep track of.

So what about insurance?

We insure our cars, homes, lives, gadgets, and other possessions, do we need festival insurance as well?

What is Festival Insurance?

Festival insurance is just what it states, it protects your personal possession while you are away from home at a festival.

This may be your smart phone, camera, tablet computers, anything of value.

People lose hundreds of mobile phones, handbags, and other valuable items at festivals.

Insurance expert Caroline Lloyd states, “Festivals can be a great way to spend a long weekend with friends and family, but it’s important to remember to take care of your valuables.”

“Unfortunately, there are people who look to take advantage of us when we let our guard down to have fun and, although security staff usually do an excellent job at these events, it’s important to stay vigilant.”

“It’s worth making sure you are insured for any valuable items you’re considering taking.”

“Better yet, really consider whether you need to take any valuables with you at all, as having to foot the bill for losing or breaking any expensive items is a sure-fire way of turning a festival to remember into a festival you’ll want to forget.”

Do I Really Need Festival Insurance?

A very good question, and not everyone may need the extra coverage.

The first question to ask yourself to address this query is do you have other insurance that may protect your items while away?

These insurances may be:

* Gadget or other mobile phone insurance

* Travel insurance

* Home contents insurance (does it cover items taken outside the home)

* Some pre-packaged bank accounts offer insurance on items

And if you have any of these insurances, do they cover accidental damage, and what is the excess?

If you drop your phone during a mud slide contest and it gets caked with mud, will a policy cover such an accident.

Many losses at festivals are due to crime, crimes of opportunity, so we need to be vigilant in protecting our valuables.

A Senior Claims Manager at Lloyds Bank Home Insurance, Tim Downes states, “Festivals can be an annual pilgrimage and a chance for many to see their favourite band and let their hair down.”

However they can also attract opportunistic pick-pockets, who use them as the perfect place to pounce on party-goers.”

Losing smaller items like phones and wallets is easily done and can put a real dampener on the festival experience.”

Staying vigilant, and having the right level of cover in place should the worst happen, are simple ways to ensure that this year’s summer festivals are memorable for all the right reasons.”

So to answer the question as to if we need festival insurance, the answer is yes, but we also need to be aware and vigilant of our surroundings and those around us.

We also need to check to see if any of our existing insurances we may have will cover us.

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