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How Much Money Do We Spend on Unhealthy Lifestyles?

There is a saying, “what were once vices are now habits”.

And while saying an unhealthy habit is a bit strong calling it a vice, it is a part of the definition of the word.

We all have some unhealthy habit or something a part of our lifestyle that is less then what our doctors and NHS would say is contributing to our living to a ripe old age.

There are many ways we all “waste money”, however when you add to this cost the cost of it being unhealthy, it makes things look even worse.

This is not meant to make a statement, quit this or stop doing that, but more to just show how much some unhealthy habits can cost us.


If you have ever tried to quit smoking, you know how difficult it can be for some to do so. I believe Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones once said quitting heroin was easier than quitting cigarettes.

That’s a bold statement, and only Keith would know.

Quitting smoking is difficult, and even quitting cannot be cheap. Look at the price of nicotine patches, gum, mints, or vaping products if you choose that method to quit.

We know smoking is unhealthy, but have you looked at the costs in terms of money.

Most applications to help you quit smoking all show the money saved by not smoking. That is one of the strongest reinforcements to help you quit, the money you’ll save.

If you smoke 10 cigarettes a day, at £8.00 per pack of 20, that is 3.5 packs of cigarettes a week at £8 X 3.5 = £28 a week or £121 a month, or over £1,400 a year. And that is a low estimate. The NHS estimates “the average person spends £250” a month on cigarettes.

However once again, quitting is not easy; it is an addiction.


If you smoke, you may also drink, and that can be a double whammy to your health and bank account.

As to how much we spend on alcohol, that can vary and also change according to whom you ask.

Some estimates are £65 a month, however if you like your wine, and drink three (3) bottles a week, of good wine at £8 a bottle, that is £24 a week or around £100 a month. And that is not taking into account Christmas, Boxing Day, celebrations, etc.

It is easy to see how we could be spending an extra £1,200 or more a year on booze, and also not doing our livers any good.


When we look at diet we are looking more at convenience foods, takeaways and fast food.

And we love our fast food! If we didn’t, there would be no McDonalds, Subways, Burger Kings, and corner takeaways.

We spend millions of pounds a year on quick takeaway meals, millions. And unfortunately the truth of the matter is, not much quick and easy fast food and takeaways is healthy. Much of it is loaded with sodium/salt, sugars and fat.

This is just three (3) aspects or areas we spend money on unhealthy lifestyles, there are others.

No one is saying give up this or give up that, but if you are looking for a way to “free-up” a few bob, these are areas you may be able to save.

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