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Is The Brexit Causing a Rise in Staycations?

We are coming to that time of year when there may be two things on our minds:

* When is the Brexit going to happen and what will it entail?

* Where should we go on holiday this year?

Holidays are important to us, and they can also be expensive depending on what you do, the size of your family, and also your budget.

We work hard all year, and to get a fortnight away from it all to recharge our batteries, seems like not just the thing to do, but we have earned it.

However, for many people who like to holiday in the EU each year, this may soon be changing, due to the Brexit.

Tourism is a big part of the economy in many parts of Europe, and not knowing how or what the outcome will be with a no deal Brexit, is causing both sides of the Channel to worry.

First just looking at the currency exchange rates, and how they are changing more than usual, and also dropping in many instances, the Pound to the Euro.

This makes holidays abroad more expensive, as our money is not going as far as it had in the past.

Then there is the issue if we will need Visa’s to travel abroad.

Currently in the USA they have their ESTA programme or Electronic System for Travel Authorisation. This began in 2010, and prior to travelling to the USA, one must go online, pay a fee of $14, and complete a questionnaire, and await a reply approving/allowing you to enter the United States.

Those with criminal record, and terrorist ties, would be denied.

The questionnaire is quite extensive, and it can take 48 hours or more to receive an approval.

Unfortunately, some form or variation of this type of travel Visa may be implemented to go abroad to the EU, unless our leave agreement has this outlined as to not needing a Visa.

This can put people off travelling abroad.

Then there also is the travel insurance issue.

Even if you have a EHIC/European Health Insurance Card, which are free, you should always carry a travel insurance policy when going abroad.

The questions and concerns regarding having a EHIC and the Brexit is, will these cards still be valid and accepted, and also if they are, will they still be free?

Either way, travel insurance policies may become more expensive, especially if the EHIC system is scrapped for UK citizens.

All of these factors, plus others, which are all unknowns, can be causing many of to rethink our holiday plans, and plan staycations.

Holidays planned for right here in the UK.

There are so many places to go and see. You can go North to Scotland, Sound to the coastal towns, or to the Lake District or Peak District for some camping; or Glamping if you like.

So are we staying here for staycations more than prior to the Brexit?

Yes, we are.

Easyjet recently reported losses due to poor sales for the upcoming holiday season.

CEO of Easyjet, Johan Lundgren stated, “We had hoped for clarity around Brexit at this point of time and that hasn’t happened and that clearly has had an impact on customer demand.”

Whenever people turn on the television or they are looking up news and they go on to websites, they see uncertainty and lot of bad news. There is a waiting pattern for customers.

And Easyjet is not alone, other airlines are reporting slow sales and losses as well.

In fact, staycations have been on the rise ever since the Brexit was announced.

Current research by Vouchercodes shows that a third of us here in the UK will NOT leave the UK “due to Brexit uncertainty”.

The research also showed that on average, staycations cost just over half what a trip abroad would cost, so families can take two staycations to one holiday abroad.

So to answer the question, is Brexit causing a rise in staycations and those choosing to holiday here and not abroad, it appears yes, it is.

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