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Some Really Simple Ways to Save Money

Some Really Simple Ways to Save Money

If there is one thing most of can agree on, and that saving money, and finding a bargain.

However, finding a bargain actually implies spending money. You have to spend money in order to achieve the bargain; so you have to ask yourself, are yu really saving money if you are spending money?

I suppose the answer is yes, if you were going to make the purchase anyway, then if you saved a few quid, you in reality just spent less.

But let’s look at some real easy and simple ways to save money, and not by spending money, but just by making a few simple changes in our lives, and also some changes in our behaviours and patterns of life.

Nothing too drastic though.

Stop Spending

Think about it, try to go a few days without spending any money.

It can be difficult, and also requires planning; planning which can save you money.

* The 30-Day Rule: The 30-Day Rule is a simple rule to remember, if you pick up something to buy, especially as an impulse purchase, or a “bargain” that you find, ask yourself do you really need it, and then wait 30 days before making the purchase.

Post yourself a note, a reminder, and even research and think about the item for the next 30 days. If after 30 days the desire or need it still there for the item, then maybe make the purchase, and also try to save for the item during the 30 days.

* Lists: Make lists when you go shopping, and stick to them. This can aid in stopping impulse purchases, and tossing thins in your trolley that you may not have set out to buy.

* Sell Don’t Collect: We are a nation, world, of collectors and hoarders. We have our hobbies, and our hobbies have is, meaning it is costly to collect (insert rare, elusive item here).

It is not cheap to collect many things, and then the things take up space, and more space, and then we need shelves or special things to hold and show our collections, and then we collect so much we cannot show it all, so it goes in the loft or garage, and soon our homes are overrun with what it is we collect.

If you sat down and added up what you have spent on CD’s, DVD’s, figurines, antiques, bottles of wine, whiskey, art, the list can go on and on, you may be shocked at what you have spent.

No one is saying not to collect something you truly love and enjoy, but if you were to stop collecting, you would save money, and then if you were to begin selling your collections, you may find a lot more money coming in as well.

Recently Pink Floyd guitarist, singer, songwriter, and general music legend David Gilmour began selling off his guitar collection.

Mr. Gilmour is selling his guitars to raise money for charities, but it is an inspiration to see someone not collecting, but moving on.

Free Customer Rewards/Loyalty Cards: If you do have to spend money, then you may as well get rewarded for it via loyalty cards/schemes.

Stores like Tesco, The Co-op, Boots, Superdrug and others all have loyalty cards where you can accumulate points; points which can be used for other purchases to save money.

If you have to spend, you may as well earn something from it.

Saving Money @ Home

Charity begins at home, or so they say, unsure who “they” are, but there are easy and simple ways to save money at home, and also in some ways simplify our lives.

Energy Bills: It has probable been discussed ad nauseam how to save money on energy bills, everything from switching providers, to shopping around, all of which are great ideas.

However, what about some simple ideas, like turning lights and lamps off when not in use. Switching off plugs.

Charging your mobile or other devices in your car when you are driving to and from work and using the vehicle anyway. Of course there is the extreme of charging your devices at work, on the bus as many provide charging points, or elsewhere when out and about.

Things like not leaving the TV on if you are not watching it, the same for the radio and other devices.

You might be surprised how much you save on an annual basis, just by making some slight changes.

And while we are discussing turning the TV off, what about cable and other TV subscription charges?

Reduce Subscription Fees: If you have SKY, Virgin Media, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Now TV, and whatever else is out there to pay for each month on your TV/Smart TV, do you make use of it all?

I not, ditch some of it.

There is an overlap of services/films/TV shows you can watch anyway.

And if you do not watch any regular TV, just paid streaming services, you may be able to scrap your TV licence; think how good that would feel.

Save on Debt

The first rule of thumb here is to not be in debt, so you don’t have to save on being in debt, but if you are in debt, there are ways to save money.

The first is to have a good credit score so that when you apply for a loan, you are offered a preferred interest rate and term.

Loan Terms: For many lenders the shorter the loan term, the better interest rate they can and will offer.

If you take out a loan for 24 months instead of 48 months, yes the monthly payments will be higher, but if you can comfortably afford the payments, the shorter term will save you money in interest.

Balance Transfers and Consolidation Loans: If you have accounts with balances, do a balance transfer to a credit card or account with a lower interest rate can save you money, and also help in getting out of debt at a quicker rate.

Consolidation loans can also be a way to save money on interest paid, and also provide a light at the end of the debt tunnel.

There are many ways we can easily save money, more can be found here and here.

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