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Steps We Are Taking Towards Being a “Cashless Society”

Steps We Are Taking Towards Being a “Cashless Society”

Not too long ago cashless payments overtook the use of cash for making purchases, and it seems it is not going to slip back down into that quiet use of cash goodnight.

It would appear that we are not just moving towards becoming a cashless society, but we are racing to get there.

Let’s look at the signs:

* ATM’s and cash points are drying up

* The use of debit and credit cards is rising

* The Bank of England now has us using plastic notes which last longer (which means they may not need to print more notes in the future, last longer, less use, you do the math)

* More and more we are shopping online, which facilitates and requires cashless payment

* Other forms of payments such as mobile applications are increasing in use

Lets face it, the writing is on the wall, and not on bank notes, cash is losing its appeal, and will only lose more as younger generations grow, as this is all they may know; being cashless.

You may ask yourself, what is there that I really need cash for these days?

What Cannot Be Purchased or Paid For By Using a Credit or Debit Card?

This is a good question, and while there still may be some small shops or cafes that only take cash, even they are becoming less frequent.

Small shops and stores now can use car readers and applications on their mobile phones, which saves them some money, and also allows their customers to pay by card.

So very little is paid for by cash.

Buskers: Walking down a quiet street and listening to the sound off in the distance of some music you like, only to see it is a busker on the corner. Like what you hear, want to donate to the cause, you can, using your mobile phone or other means, and it is all cashless.

No sordid coins to toss into a case.

The homeless: Want to donate to help a homeless person, if they have a QR code, and are a pat of the system that allows you to do so, you can scan the code an donate money that will be held in an account for them.

The account can be to save up for a deposit on a place to live, education funds, anything.

Once again, all cashless.

Church Donations: Feeling moved by the Spirit and generous while at church, you can now donate money or help the church using your cash card and a special collection plate, one with a card reader attached.

You just tap, and the church gets your donation.

It is getting to the point where saying you have no cash on you is just no longer an excuse, or a problem.

Plus, there is even a “cashless” Monopoly board game.

What is next?

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