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Summer Holidays: Between Administrations and Pilot Strikes Can We Get Away?

The summer holiday season is upon us and in full swing!

Now is the time for all families and friends to gather round the bureau de change, get ripped off by the horribly weak Pound against the Euro and Dollar, dust off the carry-on bags to see if they are still allowed onboard, and set off to our sunny and warm holiday destinations.

That may be the dream, well not the low money exchange rates, but the holiday, however, getting on the holiday may be more of a chore and work than we realise, and we may require a holiday due to our holiday!

Like many of us, our holiday is a long waited for and much needed break; holidays are a British tradition, like Sunday roasts and fish and chips.

We save all year to go somewhere warm and sunny for a fortnight, and to recharge our batteries.

So waiting all year for a holiday to find out there are more hurdles or obstacles being placed in our way, can bring the holiday party down….way down.

Companies Going into Administration

When a business or company goes into Administration and ceases to trade, it has a huge affect on all involved. Not just the company and its employees, but also the clients and customers that use the service or product the company provided.

If you remember back in 2017, not that long ago, Monarch Airlines ceased to be, leaving holidaymakers stranded throughout the various destination the airlines flew passengers to.

Just recently two holiday two (2) holiday firms Late Rooms and Super Breaks have fallen into Administration.

This is thought to be affecting around 50,000 people, some who are on holidays as I write this.

Many of these holidaymakers may be protected and covered under Abta, Atol, or possibly through their credit card companies, if they paid for the holidays using a card.

Regarding Super Breaks, Abta stated, “These customers will either be entitled to a refund or, if they’ve booked through another travel company, they should contact them to discuss options which may include continuing with their booking, re-booking or alternative arrangements.

Late Rooms is not covered under Abta.

Depending on if your travel insurance policy has a clause for companies going out of business, you may be able to claim on this as well.

Strikes and Not a Bird Strike

Not to add fuel to the fire, but pilots for British Airways are planning a strike this summer, at the peak holiday period.

A pilot strike will most definitely slow things down.

The pilots state the airlines is showing great profits, and they should be paid more.

The average salary for a BA pilot is over £88K a year, but this is slightly misleading as the scale for salaries for BA pilots goes from £26K to £120K a year, but can be as high as £168K a year for experienced long-haul flight pilots.

When you look at the time and training spent to be a pilot, not to mention the fact hundreds of people trust you with their lives, the salaries seem inline, and maybe even low for the responsibility.

However, should strike action be called, it will slow down our holidays.

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