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The Future is Here: Contactless Payments Made By Microchips Implanted in Us

The Future is Here: Contactless Payments Made By Microchips Implanted in Us

Would you like to become your own contactless payment card?

A human cash card.

Part man/woman….part cash card.

You pay for a purchase by waving your hand over the contactless card machine.

If it sounds like something out of a cyborg, banking terminator film, it isn’t, it is technology that is here today, and people are using it; micro chips implanted in their hands that allow them to make contactless payments.

No excuse for not having your bank card or money on you when the bill comes around.

We know we are using cash less and less, and a cashless society is on its way, implanting microchips to make payments may be the next wave of contactless payments.

One positive aspect of a cashless society, no searching for an ATM or cash machine.

Human Cash Cards

There have been a few things/objects, turned into cashless payment conduits over the years.

We have mobile apps than can make payments, the obvious cash cards, even key ring fobs.

You can purchase just about everything and anything using a contactless payment card, even donate to the homeless and donate to buskers.

The only thing holding you back in making contactless payments are two things:

* You need your card with you.

* The maximum limit on purchases, which currently is £30.

Having your card with you is usually not an issue, as many of us try to know where are cash cards are at all times.

As for the maximum purchasing amount, in time once technology and security gets better, I’m sure this will increase.

One way to help with both this issues is to implant a chip inside someone that is their cash card. They will always have it with them, and the odds are very low it will be lost or stolen.

A company in Sweden have done just this, and for £150, 5,000 have already had the chip implanted.

The chips are about the size of a grain of rice, and with them implanted into your hand, there is little fear of going out without having access to our cash.

However, if you don’t wish to have a chip inserted into your hand, you can wear your cash card in the form of a “contactless payment jacket”.

Make payments for purchases and be fashionable at the same time.

Of course you may not always wear the jacket, so the implanted chip seems like a better way for those who lose things, and may not always wear a jacket.

Wearable tech is the latest thing, smart watches, glasses, bracelets, etc, so why not wearable cash cards.

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