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Tips for Saving Money on Online Shopping

Still in debt from blowing all your cash over the Christmas period? Or are you just trying to save a little money on buying unnecessary things, so you can afford the more important things in life: perhaps a new car, a deposit for a home? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we give our top tips on how you can save money whilst online shopping.

It is important to note that loans with guarantors are not to be used for online shopping or other non-urgent expenses like holidays and gifts. Instead, the financial products we compare should be used for more lifestyle purposes like a new car to get to work, home improvements, weddings and above all, debt consolidation.


Sign up for email newsletters

We might sometimes automatically click the close button when the sign up to newsletters notification appears when we go to a website, but it might be worth nipping that reflex action in the bud. It is often the case that newsletters are where some of the best deals lie online with great discounts available, with companies providing their very best deals for loyal customers.

It could be worth creating an email account just for newsletters as if you use a work one, you could end up receiving endless sales emails, but it is definitely worth signing up for the excellent discounts you can get. In addition, you often receive a new joiner discount when you sign up for a newsletter. Bonus!

Join Facebook groups

No, not any old kind, but Facebook groups specifically dedicated to finding the very best sales and deals online. This means you will be notified in real-time about sales, with everyone in the group keeping their eyes on the best bargains out there.

It is also common to nab voucher codes that it is often hard to come across elsewhere online. They also tend to have extremely short expiry dates. Here is an outline of some the best UK Facebook groups for deals:

  • Skint Dad Deals
  • Bargain Buys for Busy Mums
  • Beauty Markdown
  • Luxury on a Budget

Notify brands when it is your birthday

It is such a simple thing to do, but also very easy to forget too. However, telling retailers your birthday when you sign up with them (for example, when signing up for a newsletter) can be a great way to nab some discounts. Brands will quite often personalise their marketing, especially on your birthday.

What about cashback?

If you are looking to save money whilst online shopping, it is definitely worth researching the top cashback sites to see if you can make additional savings. Some of the most reputable sites include Topcashback or Quidco. Registering for one of these sites is easy and a fairly quick process too.

Clearing your cookies

You should regularly clear your cookies if you want to save money on online shopping. Why? Well, many retailers use dynamic pricing, which means due to saved personal data, they will prioritise advertising more expensive products over cheaper ones. However, if you clear both your browsing history and your cookies (it is also worth switching to incognito browsing if you can for the very best deals) so that you get a less biased price when online.

Leave items in your basket

Were you aware you could save money on online shopping simply by just leaving a few items in your shopping cart? Well, you can. Why? It is because retailers are keen to close the sale, and so seeing a cart with items in but not reaching the checkout leaves them eager to resolve the situation. In many cases, retailers may then email you with a discount or voucher code in order to tempt you to buy the items.

However, it should be noted that you will usually only be notified by retailers if the items that you left in the cart are with a retailer you have signed up an account to, as well as being logged in at the time.

Buying items midweek

Did you know that it is quite common for brands to start their sales during the middle of the week? Well, it is. This is partly due to the fact midweek sales for most retailers tend to be lower than at the weekends, when many people are off work and are looking to indulge in buying anyway. So, if you are seriously considering saving money, your best bet is to keep an eager eye on Tuesdays and Wednesday to see if there are any sales going live or discounts that have become available.


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