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Tis the Season…..To Be Burgled

Not a very pleasant title I know, but it is an unfortunate fact that this is the time of year for many things, and thieves making their way unlawfully into people’s homes to steal Christmas gifts is one of them.

Christmas is a busy time of year, making lists of what gift to get everyone, then making our ways to the shops and stores, or just making our way to the computer to make purchases online, and then the wrapping of the gifts, putting the Christmas tree up and decorating it.

Then there is the cooking, baking, running here and there to parties, work’s night out, and in general we are run off our feet.

It also is Christmas for thieves and burglars as the Christmas time of year, while busy for the retailers, is also the busiest time of year for criminals.

At this time of year there is a 20% or more “spike” in the number of break-ins and burglaries.

Even with so many new and ingenious alarm systems out there, burglars still make their way into our homes.

In some instances, and while it is not funny, but a bit humorous, some thieves even still the security systems in the property; those fancy doorbells with WiFi and cameras are top on the list to be stolen.

Regarding the spike in Christmas thefts, the Liberal Democrat’s home Affairs spokesperson, Ed Davey stated regarding the spike in crime at Christmas time, “These figures reveal a shocking rise in burglaries committed during the Christmas holidays, most of which go unsolved.”

Whilst we’re celebrating with our families, we mustn’t forget that many ruthless criminals see this time of year as an opportunity to steal unattended belongings and burgle empty homes.”

People need to be extra vigilant and keep their valuable possessions properly secure.”

The police also need more investment so they can tackle soaring rates of crime and prevent more families becoming victims of Christmas crooks.”

Christmas is a busy, and an expensive time of year, and thieves know this.

And in many instances we are distracted by how much we need to do, the parties we attend, and just festivities in general. So thieves and burglars capitalise on this.

Being Vigilant at Christmas Time

It doesn’t really go hand-in-hand at Christmas time to be merry and also be wary, wary of thieves and burglars. However, we need to be.

Thieves and burglars know we are out shopping buying presents, and putting them under our trees at home, or leaving them in our cars as we buy more presents.

And thieves know where we put our gifts and go right to these places first in the hopes of relieving us of our Christmas gifts.

Aviva’s Susan Sansom states, “As the festive excitement builds, it can be incredibly difficult to find a location where presents won’t be found.”

“But as our research reveals, there are a number of common places where people hide gifts – which could prove tempting to burglars.”

“The best precaution is to ensure your home is secure all year round, with locked doors and windows, and ideally a home security system, to help deter any potential break-ins. To avoid tears, prevention is always better than the cure.”

It should go without saying, but we will, placing your Christmas tree in your front window, larger than life where someone could look in and see the gifts under the tree, or announcing on social media you are away for the day shopping or otherwise, is almost an invitation to be robbed.

Then there also is being vigilant while we are out shopping and running about.

It is the season to shop and also to party. Stopping in at the local Christmas market for a few mulled wines and not maintain attention to where our bags are at all times, leaves up open to thieves and pickpockets.

Locking our gifts in our cars, and going back shopping may seem safe, but we need to watch and be aware of who may be around watching us.

Just locking gifts in the back seat of a car is not totally safe.

An unfortunate but true story.

One year a local family had been out shopping and locked all their Christmas gifts in the boot of their car. They left the gifts in the boot until Christmas, figuring they were safer there than bringing them in the house.

The sad ending is that their car was stolen, from right in front of their home, taking all their Christmas presents with it.

Insurers know this is a particularly busy time of year for thieves and some automatically raise our contents coverage just for this short period to cover the additional gifts and their costs should we be burgled.

You need to contact your contents insurer to inquire about this.

While it s not the time of year we want to think about such matters, being robbed, Christmas gifts being stolen, or our homes burgled, we need to be aware. Just as we need to be aware year round about fraudsters and scammers, we also ned to be aware of Grinches out there that would steal our Christmas.

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