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UK’s Richest Musicians

As Sir Paul McCartney and the Beatles sang many a moon ago, “can’t buy me love”, but there is a lot that money can buy, and being a musician/singer, still has its perks.

And one of those perks is selling concert tickets, CD’s or downloads of your music these days which equates into dosh, cold hard cash.

Of course there are licensing agreements, merchandising, and other ancillary income to be made, but when you can sell-out stadiums and put tens of thousands of butts in seats at £75 to £100 or more a ticket, you are going to get rich!

Rich rock stars are nothing new, and the list of the richest rock stars seems to always include some of the same names year after year.

However, after all the years of being rich, selling records, remember those which are coming back, playing hundreds of shows a year, and travelling around the world, there is only so many people you can reach and who can see you.

It is almost like reaching “peak mobile phones”, how many more of these can you sell???

When you are the likes of “Rock Royalty” such as Sir Elton John, and Queen (pun intended), how can you make more money???

I will tell you, do a bio-pic. A film about the band, using Hollywood actors, and reinvent your careers, using your old career.

Queen’s film Bohemian Rhapsody and Sir John’s Rocket Man, are doing just that. Big sales at the box offices, which equates over to selling more music and concert tickets again, and again, and again.

I applaud them, sincerely.

The three (3) surviving members of Queen, Dr. Brian May PhD, Roger Taylor and John Deacon, are worth £130m to £160m, an increase of £25 million over what they were worth last year.

Good investments???? Nah, hard work, and the bio-pic film.

Sir Elton John increased his wealth by £20 million to be number four (4) in the richest star list, by having £320 million.

One thing has to be noted that many of these musicians, as rich as they are, they donate a lot of money to the various charities they support. Sir Elton John may be the most generous, he donates tens of millions of Pounds to charities.

The Rocket Man has a good heart.

So who are the richest musicians in the UK and Ireland for 2019 as per the Sunday Times “Rich List”:

1. Andrew Lloyd-Webber – £820 million

2. Sir Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell – £750 million

3. U2 – £583 million

4. Sir Elton John – £320 million

5. Sir Mick Jagger – £275 million

6. Keith Richards – £260 million

7. Olivia and Dhani Harrison – £250 million

8. Sir Ringo Starr – £240 million

9. Michael Flatley – £204 million

10. Sting – £200 million

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