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When Betting Shops Close: A Sign of The Times

When Betting Shops Close: A Sign of The Times

Like it or not, gambling/betting is a multi-billion pound industry in the UK.

There are over 8,400 betting shops across the country, and the industry employs over 106,000 people across the country.

And while the gaming industry may have it faults and be looked at as a source of trouble and addiction, as gambling is a very addictive force, it also provides money to charities and “good causes”, over £300 million each year.

Gambling has been around in some form or another for centuries, and if there is gambling there are gamblers. Those who love a game of chance, even if the odds are always against them and in favour of the “house”.

In fact you can place a bet on just about anything these days, and who will be the new Prime Minister is just one such bet.

As to if gambling is entertainment or an addiction lies in the perspective one may take, and also where you look.

Gambling can be fun, the lottery and bingo being some such games. It also can be a crippling addiction that is as strong as some drug addictions, and those affected can lose everything they have.

Regardless, it is a business and an industry that for now has thrived and grown.

Until now.

Recently the FCA has made some changes in how the gambling industry operates, and also issued fines to those who have been too lax in how they allow some to gamble and play games.

The industry feels these changes has hut their business.

William Hill in particular now has plans to close 700 shops, which may affect jobs for 4,500 employees!

In all fairness, the regulation changes may have had a small impact on the business, but a betting shop on every corner, which if you look around there are, doesn’t help either. Competition, even amongst their own shops, doesn’t help.

Currently William Hill has 2,300 shops across the country and employees 12,500 people.

In a statement the company said, “The group will look to apply voluntary redundancy and redeployment measures extensively and will be providing support to all colleagues throughout the process.”

While it has not been noted, one must wonder how much the online betting and gaming has impacted going to your local shop to place a bet?

As a whole, we as consumers are doing more and more online, this especially includes shopping, even for food.

The banking industry has changed as many of use do our banking online, or via mobile banking applications.

So with this “trend” to make purchases, bank, and live our lives in a digital way, why not gambling as well. We can gamble online without leaving the comfort of our homes.

Think about it, you can gamble and lose your house, without ever leaving the house.

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