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Who Are The Best Companies to Work For?

Like it or not, we all have to work if we want to live a better life; unless we hit the lottery, or have a rich Uncle somewhere.

And we know the chances of hitting the lottery are slim, and if you had a rich Uncle, I would bet you’d be best friends with him by now.

The fact is we have to work, and when you break down the 168 hours that are in a week, many of us will work 37 to 40 hours of those in a full-time job.

That leaves 128 hours, of which we may spend 56 sleeping if we are lucky, which leaves 72 hours.

If your commute to work is 30 minutes each way, that adds an hour a day or 5 hours a week to your work schedule, which then leaves 67 hours.

67 hours to eat, dress, do chores, run errands, etc, everything you need to do. That is over 9 hours a day, and yet many of us struggle.

Besides sleeping, again if we are lucky to get that much rest, the most hours we will spend in one place in a week is at work, our jobs.

That is why having a job we like is important.

There are jobs out there that pay well, but may not be the type of job we would want.

It does come down to striking a balance between what we like to do, and what pays us enough to live on. Many dream jobs are great to work at, but do not pay much.

Striking that balance is key.

Some of The “Best Companies” to Work For and Who Pay Very Well

When it comes to work, everyone is different, some like to be on a team, and some like to work alone. But in the end, it is important we like who we work for, and that they respond to us, as employees, and our needs.

Money, yes we need money, but looking forward to going to work is a great thing to have and feel.

So who are some of he best companies to work for here in the UK? That can depend on whom you ask, and the time of day, but according to the Top Employers Institute, these companies that we know are who they rate highly.

They rated many other companies, but many of which the majority of us have never heard of.

Companies like:

* Abbott, a “health technology” company.

* Abbvie, a pharmaceutical company.

* Alphabet, part of BMW and car leasing.

* CDL, software for the insurance sector.

* Faurecia UK, a automotive technology company.

* FirstPort LTD, UK’s largest property manager. (never heard of them, sorry)

* Travis Perkins, plc, supplier of building and construction material.

* Weightmans LLP, a huge law firm who has 1,300 employees and seven (7) offices.

All these are considered great employers, but here are a few we all may know:

* Asda, one of the larger supermarkets in the UK.

* Avon, calling to be one of the better employers.

* Vauxhall Motors, a company well over 100 years old.

* Starbucks Coffee, there are enough of them around, and employees like working there.

* Santander Bank, with over 15 million customers, someone likes them.

* QVC UK, you can buy online or on TV with QVC.

* Lookers, one of UK’s largest car dealers.

* JD Wetherspoon, another one of those companies/pubs that are everywhere.

* Harrods, a high end and respected retail brand.

* East Midland Trains, unsure how high they ranked, may as an employer they are good, I think some riders may disagree.

But what about money, dosh, cold hard cash, who are the highest paying employers?

According to Glassdoor, these companies compensate their employees well:

* Credit Suisse: Median base salary, £82,000

* Deutsche Bank: Median base salary £80,000

* Facebook: Median base salary £74,000

* Dell: Median base salary £62,500

* Google: Median base salary £62,500

* Goldman Sachs: Median base salary £58,000

* Microsoft: Median base salary £61,300

As you can see, if you can find the right company and job, and you have the qualifications, you can make the money, and possibly work for one the better companies in the UK.

Currently the UK national average salary these days can be anywhere from £26,000 a year, to as high as £29,000, again depending whom you ask, and in what part of the country.

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