Some things just work better in twos. What's fish without chips? Tricks without treats? A song without a dance? Perfect pairings transcend into the world of romance and a love story with two influential individuals can create an immense amount of power and influence.

From Brangelina to Posh and Becks, there have been some iconic power couples throughout the years giving us serious #relationshipgoals, but which celebrity couples can claim to be the most influential of them all?

We’ve ranked 40 dynamic duos based on their estimated net worth and social following to find out.

Celebrity Power Couples RANKED

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We combined the estimated net worth and Instagram followers of both people in each couple and gave each a normalised score out of 100 based on the two factors, before taking an average score.

Estimated net worth figures were taken from Celebrity Net Worth, while Instagram followers were sourced from each person’s personal Instagram profile, with the exception of Jay-Z, whose Roc Nation business profile was used.

Note that for some couples, only their joint estimated net worth was provided, rather than individually.

If you’re wondering why you can’t see a certain celebrity couple, it could be that either one of them doesn’t have an active Instagram profile, so we couldn’t estimate their following.