Guarantor Loans Direct Lenders

At, we only feature direct lenders which means that once you have compared the guarantor loans on our table and clicked on the lender of your choice, you will be taken directly to their website where you can apply.

We are pleased to promote some of the leading lenders in the guarantor loans industry. Customers can apply for up to £15,000 and repay over 1 to 5 years in monthly instalments.

Unlike a personal loan, the loans we feature require the main borrower to have a person that is willing to guarantor their loan in the event that they cannot repay. The person can be a spouse, close family member or friend and they should have a good understanding of your financial circumstances and the risks involved. So before you apply, it is worth thinking about who you ideal guarantor would be.


How a Direct Lender Works 

A direct lender is the only company that processes your loan. You will fill in your details on their application form, receive further correspondence by email and phone and if successful, they will be the ones that directly transfer funds to your account and take repayments each month. There are no upfront fees for applying, no other middlemen involved and you always know the name of the company that you are dealing with.



This is different to a guarantor loan broker that may ask you for personal information on their website, email or phone. They may forward your details to several different companies in order to get a loan. This can lead to a lot of confusion for the customer as they don’t know whom they have applied with and it can also lead to the individual and guarantor receiving unsolicited emails, text messages and in some cases, they can be charged upfront fees. Also, if your details are constantly being shared with other companies, you may accumulate several credit footprints on your credit file and this can damage your credit score.

We are a licensed and registered comparison site with the FCA. We do not request any of your details when you apply. We simply provide a comparison table above so that you can compare guarantor loans effectively and choose the best lender for you. You will simply click on the lender that suits you and you will be taken directly to their website where you can apply.

Why You Might Prefer To Work With a Guarantor Loan Direct Lender

With several brokers and companies eager to get your business, there is something very reassuring about working directly with the company of choice. No need to worry about who you submitted your details with and whether your information is safe. You have peace of mind working with that single company, having one point of correspondence and know where you stand with your application.



By working with a direct lender, you also protect yourself from your data being sent to numerous companies at once and being hounded with several emails, text messages and phone calls – all vying for your business.

At, we want the process between finding the best lender for you and the getting the loan funded to be as simple as possible. That is why we try to make our comparison table as transparent and clear as possible for our customers. We also offer a number of useful guides to highlight how the website works, what checks you can expect and who could be your guarantor to help you get the finance you need.

How To Check If a Company is a Direct Lender 

There are several ways to check that a company is a direct lender. They should make this clear on their site on the about page or FAQs. If you scroll to the footer of the any loan website, they should provide their FCA registration and license number and they should make it very clear if they are a broker. Another option is to use the LiveChat facility on most websites and simply ask if they are a direct lender or broker.


If you want more information about the loan company before you apply, you can check the FCA Register by typing in the name of the company or the FCA Consumer Credit Register. Using these databases, you will be able to match up the name of the company and see whether they are licensed and the services they offer.

Guarantor Loans Not Brokers 

Guarantor loans not brokers is a term used by people who are searching online and trying to avoid brokers. Perhaps they have had a bad experience with brokers in the past such as being charged upfront fees for just applying or their private information was shared without their permission.

Other ways to spot brokers is if they use the following language on their website:

  • “Our panel of lenders” This means that they have several other lenders that they could refer you to once you have filled in your details.
  •  “No credit checks” It is an FCA requirement to carry out a credit check for every borrower and guarantor that applies. If the website states that there are no credit checks, it is because they personally are not carrying out the checks but they will likely pass you onto a company that will.
  •  “100% guaranteed loans” Brokers may claim to offer you a guaranteed loan because your details will keep being forwarded to companies until someone offers you a loan. However, all lenders are required to carry out formal credit and affordability checks before funding so a loan can never be guaranteed.

What Fees Should I Be Aware Of? 

Whilst direct lenders do not charge any upfront fees, there are some fees to be aware of. You will always be charged interest on the loan that you borrow and the longer you have the loan open, the more interest you will pay.

If your loan application has been successful, you can receive the funds in at least 48 hours. If you want to receive the funds sooner due to an emergency purpose, there may be an option to get the money into your account faster but there may be a fee for doing so. Please clarify this with your lender.

In the event that you are unable to pay your guarantor loan and your guarantor is unable to cover your debt, you can be charged a default fee of up to £30 per missed repayment. You may also be charged a daily interest, which accrues for every extra day that you have the loan open until the loan is settled.

The cost of guarantor loans ranges from 39.9% to 59.9% – but why the difference? Of course, the price varies from lender to lender, but typically having a guarantor with a strong credit history, employment and homeowner status can not only maximise your chances of approval but also the best rates. Therefore, if you have a guarantor with a credit history which is not as strong or who’s residence is living with family or as a tenant, the fees charged could potentially be higher, at a Representative APR of 59.9% or slightly more. This is because the lender deems there to be more risk of repayments not being made, so has to charge a slightly higher amount, just in case.