Founded in 2003, TFS is part of the TFS Group which is based in Essex and offers guarantors loans from £1,000 to £15,000 and can be repaid over 5 years.

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Other Requirements

Guarantor must be a homeowner

Same Day Transfer Available

Yes, or within 24 hours

Loan Value Available

£1,000 to £15,000

Representative APR


Loan Length

2-7 years

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  • Direct
  • guarantor
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About TFS Loans

TFS are one of the most established guarantor loan lenders in the UK and have developed a reputation as a professional and efficient financial service. TFS Loans are the only company to offer the maximum amount of £15,000 for their loans, something which has only been made possible due to their advanced underwriting and technology.

TFS are willing to consider any credit score history provided your financial situation is improving and you can afford the regular monthly repayments which are presented to you before the loan is approved and funded.

Collections are made on your scheduled pay date each month when you typically get paid from work – so you should have money available in your account for collection. There are no penalties or fees if you want to repay early and you may be able to save money by clearing your account sooner since there is less daily interest to pay. You can clear your balance by simply calling the customer services team.

Apply for a TFS loan directly 

TFS is a direct lender which means that they will process your application, you will speak to them directly moving forward and all funding and collections will go through their company. This confirms that they are not a broker who will take your details as pass them onto other companies, leading you to get numerous phone calls, emails and text messages. In fact, this is not something we do a either. Instead, we offer a simple click through to the lenders page where you can apply.

Customers can apply here and it only takes 5 minutes to complete the application. You will be required to provide information such as name, age, residence, income, employment, bank details and information about your guarantor. Obviously, you will also select how much you wish to borrow and how long for.

There are no upfront fees for applying and we will not charge you any fees either or request any information from you. As a licensed credit broker, we may only receive a fee for referring you to TFS if your application is successful.


Am I eligible for a TFS loan? 

TFS offer guarantor loans to those with bad credit and no credit history, including individuals with a history of CCJs, IVAs and bankruptcy. They mention that instead of your credit score, they focus on the relationships you have with your guarantor, whether it is your parent, sibling, spouse, colleague or even landlord.

Borrowers must be over 18 years of age, residents of the UK and have a working email address, mobile phone and debit account. Individuals must be in current employment and TFS accept those that are full-time, part-time and self-employed.

Guarantors must be homeowners and not tenants. This is because it is homeowners are considered to have added financial security, are less likely to leave the country if they own a property and should be easier to contact in the future if they need to collect repayment. The guarantor must also be in employment and earning a regular salary, which is likely if they have to pay a mortgage, and be aged between 21 and 78 by the end of the loan term.

To confirm, TFS only lend to those individual who have a homeowner guarantor – if the person you have in mind is in rented accommodation or lives with family and friends, please see our table of tenant guarantor loans.

Prior to approval, TFS will always carry out a series of credit checks on both applicants using a credit reference agency such as Experian, Equifax and Call Credit. This check will provide an idea of how well the individuals have paid previous forms of credit and how much credit they have outstanding.

TFS will also carry out affordability checks to assess how much the individual can borrow. They may request proof of income and employment from both parties so they can calculate an amount that the borrower can afford to repay without falling into financial difficulty.

Effective affordability checks mean that the individual receives the amount that they have requested to borrow by confirming that they can afford it. It may mean that the amount the person has asked for is lowered or adjusted to suit their financial position or perhaps their loan is declined for the time being. For more information, read our guide on how much can I borrow.

What does the guarantor need to do? 

The guarantor’s responsibility is to repay the loan if the main borrower cannot. During the application process, the guarantor must:

  • Undergo an affordability assessment
  • Sign the loan agreements either electronically or by post
  • Speak to the TFS team over the phone

It is a standard procedure to speak to the underwriting team over the phone prior to funding a loan. This enables the lender to verify the guarantor’s identity and make sure they fully understand the terms of the agreement.

The guarantor does not need to set up a direct debit for collection because the monthly repayments will be taken out of the main borrower’s account. However, if the loan is successfully funded, the money will be sent to the guarantor first who has two weeks to decide if they want to send it back to the lender or transfer it to the borrower.

What happens if I cannot repay my TFS loan? 

Accordingly, the guarantor must step in if the main borrower misses their repayments. But this does not mean funds will be taken from their account automatically. TFS will always contact the borrower first and give them up to 10 days to repay before approaching the guarantor.

If you fail to pay on the date specified, you will have 24 hours before it is noted on your credit file that you have defaulted. This information will be available to other creditors that run a credit check on your file and if they see a history of defaults, this may impact your ability to get finance elsewhere in the future or you may risk paying higher rates for things like credit cards and personal loans.

Information About TFS Loans

TFS Loans is Registered in England No 6542065.

Credit License Number 633979.

Registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office Z2022318.

Registered office address: Broom House, 39 – 43 London Road, Hadleigh, Essex, SS7 2QL